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Berrcom Non Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer for Adults and Babies JXB-192

Berrcom Non Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer for Adults and Babies JXB-192

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✅【Non-contact Design and Stylish ColorThis  thermometer is special designed to take the human body temperature with a 3cm-5cm(1.2in-2in) distance from forehead.Purple is a unique and captivating color that adds a touch of beauty to your thermometer. Whether at home or on the go, it will make you stand out from the crowd.

 【Fever alarm】Pyretic thermometer with fever alarm: When a normal bodytemperature, the LCD screen is brighter.If the measured body temperature is higher than or equal to 38°C or 100.4°F, the product will beep continuously.

【Sensitive and reliable】The digital thermometer can quickly take an accurate and reliable reading. It adopts advanced infrared technology, equipped with excellent microchips and high-sensitivity sensors, and can realize non-contact and fast temperature measurement within one second.

【Complete Functions】Practical, easy to use, aim at the body forehead and press the scan button. The body thermometer can store the last 32 temperature readings. For your convenience, the temperature unit checked can be displayed in either °C or °F. In addition, it is equipped with an automatic switch-off (30 seconds) to save energy.

 ✅【Safe and Hygienic】The non-contact infrared thermometer avoids contact with the body and is safer for family members. With a distance of 3-5 cm from the forehead, an accurate body temperature can be measured.

Unit size: 125*49*27 mm(LxWxH)
Unit weight(without battery): 64g
Temperature display resolution: 0.1C(0.1F)
Consumption: ≤300mW
Memory: 32 sets
Normal using condition:
Ambient temperature: 10°C ~ 40°C (50°F ~ 104°F)
Relative humidity: ≤85%
Audible alarm if temperature is more than 38°C (100.4°F)
It can be displayed in either Celsius or Fahrenheit
Longevity use 100,000 readings
Eliminates cross contamination
Hygienic and easy to use
Accuracy: ± 0.3°C (0.6°F)
Response Time: 1 sec
Suggested Age: Newborn and Up
Automatic power-off: <30 secs

Measuring Distance: 3cm ~ 5cm (1.2in ~ 2in)
Measurement Range:
Body mode: 32°C ~ 42.9°C (89.6°F ~ 109.2°F)
Surface temp mode: 0°C ~ 60°C (32°F ~ 140°F)
Room mode: 0°C ~ 40°C (32°F ~ 104°F)
32.0°C ~ 34.9°C (89.6°F ~ 94.8°F) ±0.3°C(±0.6°F)
35.0°C ~ 42.0°C (95°F ~ 107.6°F) ±0.2°C(±0.4°F)
42.1°C ~ 43.0°C (107.8°F ~ 109.4°F) ±0.3°C(±0.6°F)

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